MULTI PHASE METER SOLUTIONS powered by NextGen Makes deploying Multiphase meters to your location easy with our integrated data solution.

Multi Phase Meters Solutions delivers high-accuracy multiphase flow rate measurement during surface production testing and drill out applications:

  • Real time Oil, Gas, Water and Sand Measurament
  • Real time plug drillout data
  • Replaces test separators on lease
  • Measures and quantifies sand returns
  • 24hr remote monitoring data center
  • Simple plug and play setup in the field
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ESG focused

Eliminates Emissions During Flowback

Our Multiphase Measurement System is currenly replacing traditional test separators on lease, eliminating flaring, eliminating methane emissions, and reducing manpower exposure.

Removes test separator & methane emissions:

  • From flares and leak points such as valves
  • HSE risks reduced on sour service sites
  • Reduce embedded carbon in facilities build

Reduces site visits and trafficemissions:

  • Reduced commissioning & maintenance
  • Remote data access
  • Visit only when required

Direct financial benefit: 

  • Reduced need for manpower on location
  • Client used Metering to eliminate 90% of well-site emissions
  • Attract carbon credits
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"We were producing large quantities of sand on drill outs. We needed a way to monitor real time sand concentrations to minimize risk and ensure a cleaner hole"

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VX Meter Measures
return flow rate

(oil, water & gas), pressures, and most importantly sand concetrations. Our Customers make 200,000 - 500,000 lbs of sand per drill out. We helped eliminate wiper trips to the heel with this tool, by relying on the tool to determine how much to circulate at TD before POOH

  • Traditionally sand concentration was done visually by taking a
    sample every hour and estimating how much
  • VX Meter is rigged up in line between the junk catcher and manifold
    Gives real time quantification of sand rate, Quality of the cleanout
  • Reduces need for wiper trips and risk of getting stuck while POOH
  • Identifies choke problems, washout or plugging
  • Confirm plugs and sweeps on surface
  • Detect sand slugs on its way to surface-reduced pressure, increased sand concentration
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